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Etiam semper lacinia nisl, eget ornare sapien ultricies non. Etiam ornare interdum sapien a egestas. Vivamus posuere justo at condimentum cursus.
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Pellentesque sit amet lacus nisl. Duis a dictum ante, eu consectetur tellus. Fusce a nisi et velit tempor facilisis non a nulla. Ut elementum velit ipsum, eu aliquam tellus cursus tempus
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Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia curae; Mauris scelerisque ligula ac elit lacinia.

How to Use the Title Tag and Meta Description Length Tool

For New Pages

  1. Input Your Meta Tags: Simply enter your title tag and meta description in the respective fields.
  2. Get Instant Feedback: As you type, the tool will display the current character count and provide recommendations.
  3. Optimise: Make adjustments as needed, ensuring your meta tags are both compelling and within the recommended length.

Best Practice Title Tag & Meta-Description Lengths in 2024

  • Title Tags: On desktop, Google shows 600 pixels of title tags. It’s estimated that the first 50–60 characters of a title tag are usually displayed.
  • Meta Descriptions: The length is 920 pixels, equating to about 158 characters on average. On mobile, it’s 680 pixels, roughly 120 characters.
  • Recommended Length: For the best results, aim for between 120 and 158 characters for meta descriptions.

Importance of Title Tags in 2024

Title tags are a major ranking factor in SEO. They help search engines understand the content of your webpage.

Best Practices for Title Tags in 2024

  • Avoid segmenting titles into more than two parts.
  • Avoid using brackets and pipes as separators; hyphens are recommended.
  • Avoid using branding at the end of your title tag unless it’s contextually relevant.

Making Meta Descriptions Stand Out in 2024

  • Be creative and look at what competitors are doing.
  • Make use of Schema Markup to help specific types of content stand out.

The tool aims to help you optimize your meta titles and descriptions so that they look good across all devices and are not truncated by Google. It also emphasizes the importance of including targeted keywords and making the description engaging and eye-catching.