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As the leading WooCommerce agency in Perth, we specialize in helping businesses attract more satisfied customers and expand their reach. Our team of WooCommerce experts is dedicated to optimizing for conversions, ensuring higher sales, and providing fast and reliable website design. We offer tailored solutions with custom coding and guarantee continuous support from our skilled WooCommerce developers.

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As a woocommerce website design agency, based in Perth, is experienced in WooCommerce website development. WooCommerce, an open-source plugin, was introduced in 2011 to enhance the buying and selling experience on WordPress websites. Today, it powers nearly 4 million online stores, standing out as one of the top choices for eCommerce websites. We favor WooCommerce for both small and large businesses because of its user-friendly interface, supportive open-source community, intuitive design, and comprehensive features.

Our WooCommerce Design Services include

  • User Experience

    We prioritize the user experience in our WooCommerce website design services, ensuring that your online store not only captures attention but also drives conversions. Here’s how we enhance your WooCommerce store.

  • Fast Load Speed

    Slow-loading webpages can deter potential customers. We optimise your store to ensure it loads swiftly, preventing potential losses and enhancing user satisfaction.

  • Mobile Optimisation

    With the market share of mobile usage surpassing desktop, it’s crucial to have a store that’s mobile-friendly. Google also favours mobile-optimised sites, making this a key aspect of our design process.

  • Consistent Branding

    Brand consistency is pivotal in fostering trust and positive associations with your customers. We ensure your branding is uniform across your store, eliminating any confusion about your brand’s identity.

  • Secure Payment Gateways

    Trust is paramount in online transactions. We integrate secure payment portals into your store, ensuring your customers feel safe while making purchases and maintaining your brand’s credibility.

  • SEO Integration

    A beautifully designed store is of little value if it remains unseen. We incorporate SEO strategies to boost your store’s visibility on search engines and Google, connecting you with customers actively searching for your products.

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Our WooCommerce Website Design Process

Our Process
  1. Discovery and Research

    The first phase of our WooCommerce website design process begins with a thorough discovery and research stage. We delve into understanding our client’s business goals, their target audience, and the unique aspects that set them apart in their industry. Comprehensive research into competitors and current industry trends guides our decisions. Additionally, we identify the specific features and functionalities necessary for the WooCommerce website to effectively support our client’s objectives.

  2. Planning and Strategy

    With valuable insights gathered, we move on to planning and strategy. We create a detailed project plan that outlines timelines, milestones, and objectives. Developing a sitemap and defining the website’s structure is crucial during this phase. We also work closely with the client to determine the design style, selecting an appropriate colour palette and typography that aligns seamlessly with their brand identity.

  3. Wireframing and Prototyping

    The design process then advances to wireframing and prototyping. Here, we craft wireframes that provide a blueprint for the layout and structure of key web pages. Interactive prototypes are developed to visualize the user flow and the functionality of the website. This stage encourages collaboration and feedback, allowing us to fine-tune the design based on client input.

  4. Design and Development

    Once the design direction is established, we proceed to design and development. We may either create custom WooCommerce themes tailored to the client’s needs or select and customize pre-designed themes. This phase involves the implementation of the chosen design style, including graphics, images, and branding elements. The WooCommerce platform is configured to include product listings, payment gateways, and other essential e-commerce functionalities. Throughout, we ensure that the design is responsive, catering to various devices and browsers.

  5. Testing and Quality Assurance

    Rigorous testing and quality assurance follow the development phase. We conduct comprehensive testing to identify and rectify any bugs or issues. Special attention is given to the shopping cart and checkout process to ensure smooth functionality. Cross-browser compatibility and mobile responsiveness are thoroughly checked. We also verify that SEO best practices are in place to optimize the website’s search engine visibility.

  6. Launch and Maintenance

    The final step is the launch and maintenance phase. We prepare for the website’s official launch, including domain setup and server configuration. The website’s performance is monitored, and final tests are conducted to guarantee its readiness. Once launched, we provide training to the client on how to manage and update the site independently. We offer ongoing maintenance and support services to address any post-launch issues and to ensure the website continues to meet its objectives effectively.


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Our Point Of Difference On Ecommerce Website Design

  • Proven Expertise

    We don’t just claim expertise; we demonstrate it. Our WooCommerce specialists have successfully crafted numerous distinctive and efficient eCommerce platforms.

  • SEO-Ready

    Our seasoned SEO professionals ensure your store stands out to potential buyers. We give you a competitive advantage, attract high-quality prospects, and leverage local SEO to draw customers from your vicinity.

  • Empowering Insights

    Navigating the realm of website creation and eCommerce can be overwhelming. We simplify it for you, cutting through the tech-speak. We empower our clients with the best tools and knowledge to manage The backend wordpress websites operations, helping reduce future expenses.

  • Responsive Design

    Given Google’s preference for mobile-responsive sites, we prioritize this aspect. Experience a seamless and user-friendly WooCommerce platform that caters to users on all devices.

  • Conversion-Centric

    Our bespoke WooCommerce sites are designed with one goal in mind: results. We incorporate cutting-edge branding, design, and user experience strategies to transform more visitors into loyal customers.

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