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International SEO

Are you prepared to connect with audiences across the globe? Take your business to the next level with our comprehensive global SEO services. Whether you're contemplating extending your brand internationally or aiming to enhance sales with the global audiences you're already engaging – you require a global SEO agency that can guide you through this journey. Our team is equipped and eager to assist you in competing on an international scale and significantly amplifying your brand's reach. Schedule a complimentary consultation with us today.

International Seo
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Elevate your brand to a global platform

If you’ve already made a mark in your local market or are contemplating an overseas expansion, our international SEO services can help you connect with a significantly broader audience. In the current digital landscape, having a globally accessible website is just the starting point. The real challenge lies in ensuring that your content is discovered and interacted with by international audiences.

Going global implies scaling up, but it also necessitates a laser-focused approach towards specific audiences worldwide. An SEO strategy that works wonders in Melbourne might not be as effective in Berlin. Similarly, you’ll need distinct strategies for engaging audiences in Spain, South Africa, or the US. Our international SEO services ensure that your brand message is delivered in a manner that is both culturally sensitive and highly pertinent.

Are you ready to have your brand visible on devices and browsers across the globe? Our team of international SEO specialists is prepared to help you increase sales, attract more customers, and enhance your brand’s reputation on a global scale. Let’s embark on this journey together.

Our international SEO services

  • On-Page SEO

    Making sure your on-page content is on point is super important for SEO. Not only does your content need to talk directly to your clients or customers, it also needs to relay the right information back to Google. Your international SEO journey with us will always start with a deep audit of your content, where we make sure that your On page SEO is optimised for both user experience and Google crawlers.

  • Off-Page SEO

    In order to enhance your website’s domain authority and establish credibility, it’s crucial to implement a comprehensive international off-page SEO strategy. Differentiate yourself from the competition and maximize your website’s potential to secure top positions in search results.

    Off Page Seo
  • Content Marketing

    Providing pertinent and valuable content is not only crucial for your audience but also for Google’s ranking algorithms. Ensuring that your information is accurate, engaging, and presented in a tone that resonates with your audience can significantly influence their decision-making process when they visit your website. Whether you choose to handle the copywriting internally or prefer to leverage the expertise of our seasoned professionals at Perth Digital Edge, our content marketing services are designed to equip you with the necessary guidelines and insights to perfect your content strategy.

    Target Marketing
  • Web Design

    Effective web design and SEO go beyond mere numbers and words; they involve a harmonious interplay. Your website’s design plays a pivotal role, impacting various aspects of your online presence. A well-crafted design not only enhances user experience, leading to improved conversion rates but also influences site speed and engagement levels, ultimately affecting your website’s ranking on search engines. At PDE, we specialize in crafting websites that not only wow your users but also please search engines, ultimately driving positive results for your business’s bottom line.

    Web Design
  • Website Migration

    Creating a new website doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch with your SEO efforts. The value and domain authority that you’ve painstakingly built on your existing site should be seamlessly transferred to your new platform. By entrusting us with your website migration, we ensure a smooth and uninterrupted transition, preserving your hard-earned SEO gains and ensuring your new site hits the ground running.

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International SEO Process

If you're eager to engage with a worldwide audience and elevate your brand to a global platform, our international SEO services can be the driving force to propel you there. Here's a glimpse into how our approach unfolds
Our Process
  1. International SEO Strategy Development

    Even if your local SEO strategy is performing exceptionally well, it may not necessarily resonate with an international audience. Before we initiate any actions, we conduct an in-depth analysis of your business and the global markets you aim to reach. Leveraging advanced auditing and analytical tools, we assess the data to identify potential areas for expansion.

    We won’t onboard you unless we’re certain that we can deliver outstanding results through our international SEO services. If the data indicates promising prospects, we’ll estimate a projected return on investment and formulate a bespoke growth strategy that aligns with your brand’s vision.

  2. International Audience Website Optimisation

    Following a comprehensive evaluation of your website, our focus will be on enhancing its appeal to your global audience. We’ll introduce modifications to boost your rankings on Google and other regional search engines in your target markets. This might involve the establishment of distinct domains, subdomains, or directories for various countries, or the development of a framework to handle and fulfill international orders. Additionally, we’ll incorporate pertinent coding, such as the hreflang tag, on your website to inform Google about the languages your site supports.

  3. Industry Keyword research

    We will carry out an exhaustive keyword analysis to identify promising opportunities in the regions you aim to target. The importance of location-specific keyword research cannot be overstated, and we ensure no stone is left unturned in this process. The usage of keywords, the phrasing of queries, and trending topics can vary significantly from one country to another. For instance, a keyword that garners high rankings in the UK may not generate any traffic in Brazil. We will ensure that your resources and budget are strategically allocated to the most effective keywords for your intended audience.

  4. Build global brand authority

    While a brand may hold significant influence in its domestic market, it doesn’t automatically translate to similar recognition on a global scale. Our international SEO services aim to enhance your website’s and brand’s authority through meticulously planned international link building. This involves identifying link opportunities from highly credible and relevant sources in the specific country you’re targeting. Unlike many international SEO services that may resort to questionable tactics to amplify your authority, we adhere to ethical practices. We strive to demonstrate to Google that you’re providing valuable, user-centric content, thereby safeguarding your reputation for the long haul.

  5. Performance Tracking

    Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we meticulously monitor and evaluate your SEO progress, ensuring you remain informed about your growth trajectory at all stages. Each month, we compile the most relevant data points and present them to you in a comprehensive report, either in written or video format. We firmly believe in the power of transparent communication as the foundation of successful relationships, and thus, we commit to delivering clear and truthful reports consistently.

    We won’t be swayed by superficial metrics. Instead, our focus will be on the data points that directly correlate with your defined success parameters for your international SEO campaign. As we look ahead, we will continually strive to enhance our strategies and identify fresh avenues for expansion. Wherever your ambitions lie, we are here to facilitate your journey to reach those goals.


Don't just take our word for it.

Why PDE For Your International SEO Campaign

  • No Lock in SEO Contracts

    Our SEO services are offered without any binding contracts because we believe in demonstrating our value to your business month after month. We understand that business circumstances can fluctuate, so all we ask for is a 30-day notice should you choose to discontinue our services.

  • Selective Client Onboarding

    Before we engage with any new clients, we conduct a comprehensive audit of their business to ensure that we’re a suitable match and that our values are aligned. If, for any reason, we find that our services may not be the best fit for you, we will guide you towards the right path and ensure that you leave our interaction more informed than when you first approached us.

  • Transparent Monthly Reports

    At the beginning of each month, your dedicated Account Manager will provide a detailed and transparent report. This report will cover leads, organic traffic, ranking changes from the previous month, and strategies planned for the upcoming month. Whether you prefer video or text format, your Account Manager will tailor the report to your preferred communication style.

  • No Hidden Fees

    With a fixed monthly fee, you can be confident that there won’t be any unexpected charges when your invoice arrives. If we identify any potential benefits from work outside of your SEO scope, we will inform you, provide a quote, and let you decide whether you wish to proceed.

  • We Can Elevate Your Rankings

    If you’ve ever searched for SEO-related keywords, you might have noticed that we rank highly for these popular terms. If we can achieve this in such a competitive industry, we can do the same for you. We’ll employ similar strategies that we’ve used for our own brand to help you reach the top.

  • Skilled Team At Your Service

    While your primary contact will be your dedicated Account Manager, you’ll have a team of at least five experts (sometimes more) working on your account daily. From your Account Manager to an SEO manager, a Content Strategist, a Designer, and a Web Developer, we have a team of professionals working diligently behind the scenes to help you achieve your goals.

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