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As a certified Google Ads and AdWords agency located in Perth, we possess the necessary training, ethics, and experience with Google Ads to aid in the growth of your business. Our focus is on delivering results-based Google AdWords Services. With over $5 million in ad spend managed, we offer no-lock-in contracts and take no commissions. As official Google Partners, we even provide a $600 Google Ad Credit for new setups.

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Expert Google Ads Management Perth

Expert Google Ads Management Perth

For expert Google Ads management in Perth, it’s crucial to trust the right tactics. We understand the power of this tool and how it can make or break your budget. That’s why our experienced team knows how to maximize its potential.

We start off on the right foot with a comprehensive discovery session to delve deep into your company, products, profit margins, untapped opportunities, and future aspirations. Armed with this knowledge, we conduct thorough market and competitor research to enhance our strategy further.

With our professional Google Ads management services, you can expect targeted campaigns, optimized budget allocation, and continuous monitoring for optimal performance. Leave the complexities to us and reap the rewards of well-executed Google Ads campaigns.

Why Partner With Us

Our Process
  1. Perfect Google AdWords Targeting

    At Perth Digital Edge, we don’t accept every client who comes our way because it wouldn’t be ethical to do so. Instead, we conduct thorough research to determine if Google Ads is a suitable fit for your business. If it is, we create a comprehensive media plan and establish a clear target while ensuring that both parties have a mutual understanding of expectations moving forward.

  2. Guaranteed Google Ads Results

    The best part is that we don’t accept every client, so we can stand behind our work. We offer a results guarantee within 90 days, and if we don’t meet our agreed-upon goal, we’ll work for free until we do. We take the time to ensure that it’s a good fit, so we can exceed our objectives.

  3. A Dedicated Team of Google Ads Experts

    Our digital marketing specialist team of Google Ads experts based in Perth are dedicated to driving your business forward. We collaborate with you in 90-day planning sessions as well as company board meetings, contributing our expertise in AdWords to enhance your overall strategy and innovation, ultimately driving growth for your business.

  4. Google Ads Tracking Setup

    At Perth Digital Edge, we rely on data and analytics to determine which AdWords campaigns would be effective for your business. We take into account all relevant data points, including information from web, mobile, and location services.

  5. Clear Communication

    Our company culture emphasizes prompt response times and transparent communication, so you’ll never be in the dark about anything.

  6. Reach Out

    We believe that every journey begins with a story, and we’re excited to hear yours. We can assist you in designing your landing page and creating effective marketing campaigns around it. Contact us today to begin your online journey.


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