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How This Equine Healthcare Leader Revolutionized Equine Care in Perth With a State-of-the-Art Website

Established in 2012 in the Swan Valley and later relocating to a purpose-built clinic in Brigadoon, Valley Equine Vet Centre has been a cornerstone in equine healthcare for over a decade. With a dedicated team boasting more than 80 years of combined experience, the Centre offers a wide array of services, from advanced lameness treatments to reproductive services. Known for their exceptional medical care and health management advice, they also provide a 24/7 equine emergency service, ensuring the best possible outcomes for both patients and owners.

Valley Equine Vet Centre Logo Mono
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Valley Equine Vet Centre's Challenge

As a leading equine healthcare provider in Perth and the greater Western Australia area, Valley Equine Vet Centre has built a reputation for exceptional medical care and a wide range of specialized services. With a dedicated team of veterinarians and nurses boasting over 80 years of combined experience, the Centre has been a go-to for horse owners seeking quality care.

However, despite its strong reputation and extensive service offerings, Valley Equine Vet Centre faced a significant hurdle: the absence of a comprehensive digital presence. While the Centre had been successfully operating through word-of-mouth and traditional marketing channels, it lacked a dedicated website to showcase its expertise, services, and to engage with both existing and potential clients. This gap in their digital footprint hindered their ability to fully leverage their expertise and expand their client base.

The Solution

For a veterinary centre with a strong reputation but limited online visibility, the immediate need was to establish a digital footprint. Unlike more complex scenarios that might require an extensive digital marketing campaign, Valley Equine Vet Centre’s primary requirement was a dedicated, user-friendly website to act as the cornerstone of its digital presence.

We developed a bespoke website specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the Centre and its diverse clientele. The website features sections for the wide range of services offered, from advanced lameness treatments to equine dentistry. It also includes client testimonials, an educational blog, and a 24/7 emergency contact portal. A secure, client-only area was also integrated for appointment scheduling and access to exclusive healthcare tips for equine owners.

The impact of the new website has been substantial. It has become the primary resource for both existing and potential clients, offering a centralized platform for all equine healthcare needs in Western Australia. The website has not only increased the Centre’s visibility but has also streamlined its operations, making appointment scheduling and information dissemination more efficient.

The Results

The Results Since the unveiling of Valley Equine Vet Centre’s new custom website, the Centre has experienced a significant shift in client engagement and community outreach. The website has become the linchpin of the Centre’s operations, serving as a one-stop platform for services, appointments, and equine healthcare information.

The educational blog section has been particularly well-received, with a marked rise in page views and downloads, indicating a more informed and proactive client base. The testimonials section has also garnered attention, not just from existing clients but from horse owners across Western Australia, leading to new client acquisitions and even some media attention, thereby boosting the Centre’s profile in the equine healthcare community.

Overall, the investment in a bespoke website has been transformative for Valley Equine Vet Centre, reinforcing its standing as a leader in equine healthcare and veterinary services in Western Australia.

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