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Pioneering Community-First Public Infrastructure Through Innovative Photography and 3D Modeling

Founded in 1981 by Rod Hicks, Streetside has been a cornerstone in enhancing community life in Western Australia. With a mission to provide quality, practical, and innovative community furniture, the company has evolved into a second-generation family business. At its core, Streetside aims to be the go-to choice for local governments seeking top-notch public infrastructure.

Streetside Background

Street Side's Challenge

Despite nearly four decades of experience and a strong reputation, Streetside faced a significant challenge: the digital representation of their products was outdated and failed to capture the quality and functionality that they offer. This gap in their digital portfolio made it difficult for local governments and businesses to fully grasp the value of Streetside’s offerings, hindering the company’s growth in an increasingly digital landscape.

The Solution

Recognising the need for a robust digital presence, Streetside partnered with a professional photography service to capture high-resolution images of all their products. But we didn’t stop there. To provide an immersive experience, we also created 3D models of each product, allowing potential clients to interact with the furniture virtually. This not only showcased the quality and functionality of Streetside’s offerings but also set them apart from competitors.

The Results

The implementation of professional photography and 3D modeling has been transformative for Streetside. The high-quality images and interactive 3D models have become a cornerstone of the company’s digital portfolio, attracting more local governments and businesses than ever before. The digital revamp has not only increased Streetside’s visibility but also solidified its reputation as a leader in providing innovative community furniture. The company has seen a significant uptick in inquiries and collaborations, marking a new era of growth and community engagement.

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