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Founded in 2012, Healthy Ads is a specialised advertising network that focuses on Health, Fitness, Pharmaceutical, and Medical sectors. Created by a passionate health food blogger who wanted to monetise their blog while maintaining control over the quality of advertisers, the company has been a trailblazer in connecting health-conscious consumers with relevant brands.

Healthy Ads Background

Healthy Ads's Challenge

Despite its specialised focus and extensive reach, Healthy Ads faced challenges in optimising its online visibility. The company needed a robust SEO strategy to improve its search engine rankings and effectively reach a broader, yet targeted, audience of health-conscious consumers.

The Solution

To address Healthy Ads’ specific challenges, we developed a comprehensive SEO strategy tailored to their unique market niche. The plan kicked off with meticulous keyword research to identify search terms that resonate with health-conscious consumers and the medical community. Following this, we optimised the website’s content, meta descriptions, and titles to align with these targeted keywords. A robust backlinking strategy was also put in place, focusing on acquiring high-quality links from reputable health and medical websites.

Additionally, we enhanced the website’s user experience (UX) design to improve site engagement, which in turn positively impacts search engine rankings.

The Results

The implementation of our SEO strategy has been transformative for Healthy Ads. Their website now ranks on the first page of search results for multiple targeted keywords, resulting in a substantial increase in organic traffic. This improved online visibility has led to more partnerships with health and medical brands, expanded ad placements, and a broader reach into specialised health markets.

These adjustments our SEO services provided have solidified Healthy Ads’ position as a leader in the health-focused advertising sector, enabling it to continue its mission of connecting brands with highly engaged, health-conscious consumers.

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