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How Energetics Institute's Website Redesign is Making Psychotherapy More Accessible

Mental health is increasingly recognised as a vital component of overall well-being, Energetics Institute has been a sanctuary for those seeking holistic psychotherapy services. With the recent overhaul of their website, the institute is setting new benchmarks in how psychotherapy and counselling services can be accessed and understood online.

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Energetics Institute's Challenge

Energetics Institute has always been a family-run practice that prides itself on offering a unique blend of Counselling, Psychotherapy, and Body Psychotherapy. However, their digital presence was not fully capturing the breadth and depth of their services. The challenge was to upgrade their existing website in a way that would not only reflect their multifaceted approach to therapy but also make it easier for potential clients to understand the range of services offered, the philosophy behind them, and how to engage with the institute.


The Solution

To address these challenges, we undertook a comprehensive website design upgrade that included branding, UX design, wireframing, photo and video integration, and blogging. The new design aimed to capture the essence of Energetics Institute—warm, professional, and holistic. We incorporated an intuitive navigation system and a clear layout to make it easy for visitors to find the information they need. The addition of a blog section allows the institute to share valuable insights and tips on mental health, further establishing their authority in the field. SEO optimisation was also a key part of the redesign, ensuring that the website would rank well in search engine results and reach a broader audience.

The Results

The revamped website has been a significant milestone for Energetics Institute. It has not only enhanced their online visibility but has also made it easier for individuals to understand the unique blend of services offered. The blog section has become a valuable resource for both existing and potential clients, offering insights into various mental health topics. The website now serves as a comprehensive platform that reflects the institute’s commitment to holistic mental health services, thereby solidifying their reputation as a leading psychotherapy and counseling practice in Perth. Overall, the website redesign has been instrumental in making psychotherapy more accessible and engaging, aligning perfectly with Energetics Institute’s mission to bring about profound personality change and peace in their clients.

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