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How BACWA Revolutionized the Collecting Experience with a Cutting-Edge New Website.

Founded by some of Western Australia's most esteemed antique bottle and collectable enthusiasts, Bottles and Collectables of WA Club (BACWA) is a Perth-based organization dedicated to the art of collecting. From Marble Bottles and Lamonts to unique advertising signs, the club offers a rich tapestry of items that capture the essence of Western Australia's history. With monthly meetings, educational sessions, and even professionally conducted auctions, BACWA provides a safe and informative platform for collectors to share knowledge and value their prized possessions. Now, with the launch of their innovative new website, the club is set to take the collecting experience to the next level.

Bottles Collectables Wa Club Logo Mono
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Bottles and Collectables of WA Club's Challenge

As one of the premier antique bottle and collectable clubs in Western Australia, Bottles and Collectables of WA Club (BACWA) has garnered a strong reputation among collectors and enthusiasts alike.

Despite its strong community presence in Perth and the broader WA region, BACWA faced a significant challenge: a lack of digital presence. The club had been relying on traditional methods of communication and information sharing, with no dedicated website or digital platform to engage its members and the public. This absence of a digital footprint limited the club’s ability to attract new members, showcase its extensive knowledge, and facilitate the exchange of collectables and information.

The Solution

For a club that had virtually no online presence, the first step was to establish a digital identity. Unlike typical cases that require a multi-faceted digital marketing strategy, BACWA’s primary need was a bespoke website to serve as a hub for all its activities and information.

We designed a custom website tailored to meet the unique needs of the club and its members. The website features sections for upcoming events, member testimonials, a gallery of collectables, and educational resources. It also includes a secure members-only area for more in-depth discussions and exclusive content.

While we didn’t implement a full digital marketing strategy, the new website alone has had a significant impact. It has become the go-to resource for both existing and prospective members, providing a centralized platform for all things related to antique bottles and collectables in Western Australia. The website has not only enhanced the club’s visibility but also streamlined its operations, making it easier to organize events and share knowledge.

The Results

Since the launch of the new bespoke website, Bottles and Collectables of WA Club (BACWA) has seen a remarkable transformation in its member engagement and outreach. The website has become the cornerstone of the club’s activities, serving as a centralized platform for information, events, and member interactions. Member participation in monthly meetings has increased, thanks in part to the easy-to-access event calendar system. The website’s educational resources have also been a hit, with a notable uptick in downloads and page views, indicating a more informed and engaged membership.

The gallery section, showcasing various antique bottles and collectables, has attracted attention not just from club members but also from antique enthusiasts across Western Australia. This has led to new memberships and even some media coverage, further elevating the club’s profile. Overall, the investment in a custom website has proven to be a game-changer for BACWA, solidifying its reputation as a professionally run and well-governed club in the realm of antique bottles and collectables.

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