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Global Leader in Braking Solutions Revolutionized the Industry With a Cutting-Edge New Website.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Advanced Braking Technology (ABT) has been a pioneering force in innovative braking systems since its inception. Supplying to all seven continents, ABT serves a diverse range of sectors including mining, civil construction, military, and more. Known for their engineering excellence and commitment to safety, they offer specialized solutions that address the limitations of standard braking systems. ABT is also publicly traded on the Australian Stock Exchange under the ASX code ABV. Their new website serves as a comprehensive platform for showcasing their groundbreaking technologies and solutions.

Advanced Breaking Technology

Advanced Breaking Technology's Challenge

As a global frontrunner in the field of innovative braking solutions, Advanced Braking Technology (ABT) has established itself as a trusted supplier to a multitude of industries across all seven continents. With its headquarters in Perth, Western Australia, ABT is renowned for its engineering prowess and safety-focused technologies.

However, despite its international reach and strong reputation for quality and innovation, ABT faced a significant obstacle: the lack of a robust digital presence. While the company had built its name through industry partnerships, research and development, and traditional marketing methods, it was missing a dedicated website to effectively showcase its groundbreaking products and technologies. This absence of a digital platform limited ABT’s ability to fully capitalize on its expertise and expand its global customer base.

The Solution

For a company like Advanced Braking Technology (ABT), which already had a strong industry reputation but lacked a digital showcase, the immediate priority was to establish a comprehensive online presence. Unlike scenarios that might necessitate a full-scale digital marketing strategy, ABT’s most pressing need was a specialized, user-centric website to serve as the linchpin of its digital identity.

We crafted a custom website meticulously tailored to meet ABT’s unique requirements and its diverse range of clients across various sectors. The website features dedicated sections that highlight the company’s innovative braking solutions, from safety improvements to zero-emission technologies. It also incorporates client testimonials, case studies, and a research and development blog to keep visitors updated on the latest advancements. A secure, industry-partner-only area was also integrated for confidential project collaborations and access to exclusive technical documents.

The impact of this new website has been significant. It has quickly become the go-to resource for both existing and prospective clients and partners, offering a centralized platform for all things related to advanced braking technologies. The website has not only elevated ABT’s visibility on a global scale but has also optimized its operations, facilitating easier project discussions and information sharing.


The Results

Since the launch of Advanced Braking Technology’s custom-crafted website, the company has seen a transformative change in stakeholder engagement and industry visibility. The website has become the cornerstone of ABT’s operations, serving as a centralized platform for showcasing its innovative braking solutions, research developments, and client testimonials.

One of the standout features of the website is the dedicated section for shareholders, which includes real-time stock reports and ASX listings. This has been exceptionally well-received, providing transparent and immediate financial information to investors and thereby strengthening investor relations.

The website’s educational and research blog sections have also seen a significant uptick in page views, indicating a more informed and engaged client and investor base. The case studies and testimonials have not only been beneficial for existing clients but have also attracted attention from industries across the globe, leading to new partnerships and even some media coverage.

Overall, the investment in a custom website has proven to be a game-changer for ABT, solidifying its reputation as a world-leading supplier of advanced braking systems. The website has not only enhanced the company’s global visibility but has also streamlined its operations and communications, making it easier to share information with both clients and shareholders.

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