SEO Strategies for Bookkeeping Firms: A Guide

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Bookkeeping companies can harness the power of search engines to generate leads by implementing specific strategies. Here’s how SEO For bookkeeping companies & Bookkeeping businesses can be a game-changer:

SEO for Bookkeeping Companies

If you run a bookkeeping company or have embarked on a work-from-home bookkeeping venture, let me guide you on acquiring customers through search engine optimisation (SEO) tailored for your bookkeeping business.

Many are perplexed about acquiring more B2B clients, overlooking the vital role that search engines play in client acquisition for bookkeeping businesses. Consider procuring your bookkeeper website from us, and explore our complimentary article on securing bookkeeping clients.

The Importance of SEO for Bookkeeping Companies and Businesses

SEO for bookkeeping companies and businesses is of paramount importance, as it connects you with potential clients precisely when they seek assistance.

Search engine optimisation is fundamentally about demonstrating to Google that you’re the perfect solution to a user’s query. Most keywords linked to a bookkeeping company will activate specific responses that we’ll delve into here. By focusing on these aspects, you can position your bookkeeping business as a top choice for those in need.

Ways to improve SEO for a Bookkeeping Company

Consider Local SEO for Your Bookkeeping Business

When it comes to search engine optimisation for a bookkeeping business, focusing on local SEO related search results is paramount.

The allure of starting your own bookkeeping business often lies in the flexibility it offers, such as the ability to operate without an office and work from the comfort of home.

Even though you may function as a remote bookkeeper, it’s essential to recognise that some of your most valuable clients are likely to be local small businesses. Therefore, thinking locally in your SEO strategy can connect you with these potential clients, enhancing your bookkeeping business’s success.

Numerous keywords activate the local search engine results page section or the Google My Business map, especially in the realm of bookkeeping. Keywords like “Bookkeepers near me,” “bookkeeping services,” “accountants near me,” “bookkeeping accountants,” and many others will prompt the local Google review map section to appear on the search engine results page.

The local Google maps section is triggered by almost every bookkeeping-related keyword. Even if your business operates remotely, it’s beneficial to strive for a ranking in this local Google maps area.

Your search engine optimisation will, to some extent, hinge on a few straightforward local signals. Among these, a key strategy is to garner more Google reviews than other Bookkeepers in your vicinity. One of the primary ways to attract customers through search engines for your bookkeeping business is to accumulate more Google reviews than anyone else within a 20 to 30-mile radius.

Enhance Your Google Local Business Profile for Your Bookkeeping Business

To stand out in the bookkeeping industry, it’s essential to not only gather more Google reviews but also to optimise your Google business profile. Ensure that the following key aspects are addressed:

Ways to Optimise for Local SEO:

  • Define your service area (focus locally and include major areas)
  • Provide logistic information such as address and website
  • Create frequent posts
  • Respond to reviews
  • Share numerous photos and branded graphics
  • Build Citations and Local Backlinks

Improving your bookkeeping company’s search engine ranking involves creating profiles that link back to your website, both within your industry niche and locally. Consider joining the local Chamber of Commerce, networking with local entrepreneurs, and engaging in local events in major cities.

In short, by garnering more reviews and optimising your Google local profiles, you’ll eventually rank highly for those seeking bookkeeping services in your region.

Target a Niche & Market with Content:

Ranking for broad, national keywords related to bookkeeping can be challenging. Instead, focus on local and niche bookkeeping business keywords to increase your chances of ranking.

SEO for Bookkeeping Business:

Target sub-niches and unique topics not already dominated by major providers

Aim to rank for specific terms like “Best bookkeeping service for concrete companies”

Ranking for Industry Niche Terms:

  • Commit to creating content and providing tips for specific sub-niches
  • Create local niche landing pages and drive leads
  • Set up core service pages for industry niches and write authoritative blogs linking to them
  • In essence, by creating niche content and accumulating Google reviews, you’ll likely rank for those niche industry keywords.

Utilise YouTube Content to Attract Niche Bookkeeping Clients

YouTube, being the second largest search engine, offers a valuable platform for niche SEO for bookkeeping businesses.

  • Create YouTube videos specifically for industry niches
  • Engage with viewers through videos, fostering a conversation
  • Invest time in creating niche content on both your website and YouTube
  • By focusing on industry niches and crafting in-depth content, your videos will likely be recommended by other organisations and YouTube channels. This approach can often be more valuable than merely ranking your bookkeeping business website on Google.

To enhance your search engine optimisation for your bookkeeping business, invest time in creating niche content on your website and YouTube. Addressing your industry niches through videos and blogs will eventually lead to attracting more clients.

 Create Content & Teach on your Website & Youtube Channel

The final crucial step that complements what has been discussed earlier is the creation of abundant content on your website and YouTube channel. This content should focus on educating and explaining various topics, adding value to your specific industry niche and local community.

By targeting industry-specific niches and local keywords, you can stand out from large bookkeeping services and connect directly with individuals and small businesses.

Your website should serve as a central hub not only for potential customers but for anyone seeking insights into bookkeeping, tax law, helpful tips, and even guidance for small businesses.

When you build a website that’s recognised as a go-to solution for broad topics, you’ll notice that your homepage, individual blog posts, and your Google My Business account will begin to rank higher in search engine result pages.

Committing to consistent, high-quality content that is genuinely helpful will lead to your website, Google My Business, and each individual page climbing higher in search engine rankings.

In essence, SEO is about crafting outstanding solutions to people’s questions. By focusing on this, you can cut through the competition and become a trusted resource in your field.


In conclusion, the path to ranking higher in search engines for your bookkeeping business lies in committing to garnering more reviews, crafting engaging content on your website and YouTube, and continuously developing insightful website content.

While building backlinks to your content and forging relationships with high-ranking websites can boost your online presence, it’s often a time-consuming and complex process. Instead of investing heavily in backlinks through outreach and risking spammy links, your focus should be on creating exceptional content that naturally attracts backlinks.

By concentrating on these strategies, your bookkeeping business will begin to rank prominently in search engine result pages. This will lead to attracting and securing more bookkeeping and outsourced accounting customers, the very clients you aim to reach.

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