How Long Does AdWords Take To Work?

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When Will I Start Google Ads Yield Leads?

How long does it take for Google Ads to work? That’s a common question asked by first-time clients. Understandably, you may be anxious to use the service to boost your brand, but patience is the best marketing strategy of all. Usually, it takes at least three months for Google Ads to “work”. However, that isn’t quite an accurate statement. Throughout those three months, your existing campaign had been consistently working.

It’s because of those three months of low results that you reached a point where you can finally see progress. Any ad campaign, especially a new one, is going to have a period of grinding before hitting success. How long does it take to exit this stage?

That depends on how appealing your ad copy is, how attractive your landing page is, how well you market yourself, how you adapt your strategy after analysing ad data, and a bit of luck.

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Google Adwords Timeline

Despite Google being such a large, complex tech conglomerate, the process for beginning a Google Ads campaign is surprisingly simple. The platform walks you through every step to get you started within a few minutes.

Types of google ads campaigns

Search Ad Campaign

This is one of the biggest advantages of Google Ads. In tandem with incredible SEO, you can boost your landing page, product video, or other promotional material to the top of Google search engines. These searches go beyond Google’s main website. Your brand videos will be featured in YouTube search results, and your company’s location will be favoured in Google maps. Every Google product with a search feature will give your ads priority over companies not partnered with Google Ads.

Display Network Ad Campaign

The Google Display Network is a collection of over 200 million locations where Google can place your Ads online. This includes placement across websites, on blogs, in mobile apps, throughout YouTube videos, and in between songs on music streaming platforms.With access to so many outreach sources, an ad campaign or ad group has the highest chance of gaining attention. The Google Display Network provides marketing access to people worldwide, no matter if they’re mobile or desktop users. As a result, your potential audience is the entire online world.

Shopping Ad Campaign

This is one of the biggest advantages of Google Shopping Ads for businesses selling products within a broader niche, such as household items or technology. When a customer searches for a specific product, advertisers can use keywords to showcase their products alongside pictures they selected.

Video Ad Campaign

One of the best forms of online marketing is video content. This can include clips, streams, product reviews, and any other video uploaded to your website, YouTube, DailyMotion, or social media. When these videos are relevant to a search and receive a high-rank score, they often appear at the top of search results above paid text ads.Another form of video ad campaigning involves inserting ads into other people’s video content. You can also have video ads play on certain websites in the GDN.

App Ad Campaign

Similar to video ad campaigning, an app ad campaign involves inserting your promotional material into an established app. This can include text ads, video ads, and interactive game ads.

Expected PPC Earnings

How much you earn from your ad campaign depends on several factors. Do you want your ad groups to reach locally or globally? How much do you want your monthly ad spend to be? Is your ad copy SEO-optimised to reach a higher search rank?The more effort you put into your ad campaigns, the more profit you will get out. Initially, it may seem like you are losing revenue. After all, you have to pay each time a person clicks on your ad. However, if that person leaves without engaging with your service, your funds are wasted. This may seem discouraging at first, but initial failure is a necessary part of any PPC advertising. The worst thing you can do in the beginning is to constantly wonder, “How long does it take to make a profit?” Instead, you should focus on building experience managing ad campaigns. The best PPC campaigns are long-term commitments that yield the greatest results over time.

First Seven Days

The first seven days will be the most exciting but also the most confusing and overwhelming. Google will walk you through the initial campaign setup, but it is your responsibility to develop a winning strategy from there.Approval usually takes a day or two. After that, it can take up to a week for Google Ads to gather data about your business and learn your target audience to best market your content. This is Google’s learning period…and yours, too! During this time, become acquainted with the program and its various settings and features. Begin building your strategy and leave plenty of room for future adjustments you’ll need it! Where your ads appear depends on what types of Google Ads you utilise. Google typically approves each new ad copy within 48 hours. If Google does not approve ads, it is usually because they violate one or more terms of service. Remedy this as soon as possible and ensure your account does not get flagged for inappropriate or harmful content. A strong campaign will take advantage of several forms of media marketing. Ensure each ad group contains a variety of accessibility options to reach a larger audience. Video ads perform better among young mobile users. Meanwhile, older researchers will be more drawn to a landing page. Take factors like these into consideration as your spend your first week developing your ad strategy.

First Month

After a few weeks, you should feel more confident in your PPC campaign. At this point, you may already see an increase in traffic. Take the time to gather vital data on your ads’ performances to see which ones have been most successful. Examine the differences between those ads and the others.Does your most successful ad have a more appealing ad description? Is that ad copy better optimised in search engines? Find what makes that ad more popular and attempt to mimic the same results with every other Google ad. While you want to make major adjustments, try not to alter your campaign too much in your first month. It will take time for Google Ads to gain momentum. That progress is slowed with each change you make because Google needs to relearn your product and audience. Limit your edits to what you deem most important and allow a couple of weeks of adjustment between each major alteration to give Google a chance to generate data. Think of it like a diet. You’ll never see results if you constantly change your plan instead of sticking to it until you’re certain it doesn’t work.

After Three Months

This is the time for once again evaluating and compiling campaign opportunities based on the ad data collected. By this time, you should have access to as much data as possible to learn what’s working and what isn’t.

What to look for

As you gather more data to improve your strategy, you should attention to the following metrics:

  • Click-through rate
  • Number of impressions top ads gain
  • Rate of conversions
  • Traffic fluctuations
  • Top ads’ performance history
  • Search volume

You should also…

  • Contemplate a revised ad spend
  • Reevaluate ad networks and the initial keyword list
  • Track Google Ads results across multiple platforms
  • Study search query reports and each keyword selection performance across multiple search engines
  • Consider a PPC agency to boost your campaign’s performance

Optimising Your Google Ads Campaign

To improve your campaign’s performance, you need a smart bidding strategy significant enough to stand out among the competition. The more you improve Google Ads results, the more you improve your brand’s success and public image.

What to modify

Begin by collecting and reviewing enough data to locate the holes in your current strategy. Here are some ways you can improve your Google Ads marketing.

Negative keywords

This might not be a term you’re familiar with if you’re new to online marketing. Negative keywords are used to prevent your ad from appearing when people search for a particular phrase. These can help you avoid being mistaken for another brand or being associated with inappropriate search results. They can also create less competition by removing your results from common searches that are flooded with other brands. Tweak your negative keywords to rule out anything you don’t want to be associated with your brand. Of course, make sure your regular keyword selection is also optimal.

Targeting and observation

There are a few options you may not have realised about your campaign. Targeting-only mode allows you to select a specific group of people to advertise to within a larger audience. Observation-only mode allows you to view your ad’s performance with a specified audience without having to narrow your reach to that group. Toggling these settings can help you experiment with your targeted audience and discover what subcategories you should appeal to.

Campaign Management

Managing an ad campaign is a lot of work, especially if you don’t have a dedicated marketing team. When overworked individuals attempt to manage a campaign alone, they often fail due to not having the time to properly analyse enough data and make incremental adjustments. This is where we come in. When you hire a Google Ads specialist, you place the burden of digital marketing onto other, more experienced shoulders.

Benefits of AdWords management

When you partner with us, we…

  • Present the best advertising data
  • Achieve a more accurate score to place higher in Google search rankings
  • Offer long-term services for continual updating
  • Gather more data to optimise ad bidding
  • Supply monthly performance reports
  • Provide remarketing
  • And do so much more!

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