Five Exceptional WordPress Website Design Strategies

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Visitors to your website will make an instantaneous judgment about whether to stay or leave. If the site is slow to load, has an outdated appearance, or features unappealing images or fonts, you can be certain that viewers will quickly exit. Among the myriad of web hosting platforms, WordPress stands out as one of the most demanding yet fulfilling options. Recognising this, we’ve gathered some essential website development insights from our Perth archives to help you maximise the potential of your WordPress site.

#1 Images Convey Profound Messages: The Power of Visuals and New Innovations

Imagery plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of your website, with 80% of readers more inclined to engage with content that includes vibrant visuals. However, not just any image will suffice – inappropriate or low-quality graphics will appear unattractive and out of place. Thoughtfully chosen images, even if economical, can be impactful, but to truly captivate your audience, you may need to reevaluate your budget for content imagery.

In the era of technological advancements, AI-generated images are emerging as a groundbreaking solution, offering unique and tailored visuals. Platforms like midjourney are pioneering this innovation, providing an exciting new avenue for website design.

For traditional image sourcing, there are paid resources such as,, and, as well as free alternatives from sites like, and Flickr Creative Commons

#2 Streamlined Navigation and User-Friendly Layout

Understanding your brand, product, and online goals is essential, but don’t forget that a visitor to your site may be encountering all of this for the first time. What seems like an intuitive layout to you might be confusing for the average internet user. If they find your website difficult to navigate, they’re likely to leave. Observe what successful websites are doing and consider incorporating similar elements; ghost buttons, hamburger menus, and dropdowns are all effective tools that simplify navigation. Ensure that pages like “About” and “Contact” are easily accessible, and aim to make any page reachable within two clicks. One clever navigation feature to consider is the Breadcrumb trail; like Hansel and Gretel, users can effortlessly trace their path through your site, allowing them to navigate back and forth with ease.

#3 Implement Engaging Calls to Action

A vital component of your online strategy, Calls to Action (CTAs) must be thoughtfully crafted and ready to deploy. Utilise CTAs with landing pages to engage viewers and prompt them to take specific actions, rather than merely browsing your site without interaction. Whether the goal is to encourage newsletter sign-ups or drive purchases, a well-designed CTA can be the catalyst that connects users to your brand. Key elements to include in your CTAs are:

  • Bold, Readable Text: Ensure that the CTA is easily legible and stands out.
  • Striking Design: Your CTA should be visually appealing and catch the eye, rather than being overlooked or ignored.
  • Persuasive Language: Employ wording that incites action and urgency, such as exclusive or time-sensitive offers.

#4 Managing the Unseen Aspects

While the visual appeal of your website is vital to your visitors, don’t overlook the essential maintenance of what happens behind the scenes. One significant factor is your site’s loading speed. If it’s slow to start, visitors may not stick around, and this sluggishness could stem from various issues like an overloaded homepage or improperly optimised images. You can easily assess this with tools like Google Page Speed Insights. Another crucial behind-the-scenes element is your SEO, or search engine optimisation. If you’re unsure about your SEO approach, explore our other blog posts. It’s a simple concept, but so integral to your website design that it deserves dedicated attention. A single paragraph here wouldn’t do it justice.

#5 Embrace Simplicity and Efficiency

Embarking on the website development journey can be thrilling, but it’s crucial not to let enthusiasm lead to a cluttered and overwhelming design. If your site appears too busy or visually chaotic, visitors may quickly exit. This principle applies to various elements, including automatic music, intrusive pop-ups, excessive advertising, or cumbersome social media buttons or Calls to Action (C2A’s).

Advertising requires careful consideration, especially for newer websites without an established following. Premature advertising might not yield significant revenue and could even deter potential users. Focus on refining your content and building your presence initially, allowing advertising and followers to grow organically.

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