4 Key Principles for Best Web Design from a Perth Digital Marketing Agency

Ben Tippet

As a team of specialists in website design and development, we recognise the importance of equipping aspiring web designers and start-up owners with the essential skills in web development. We’ve all been novices once, eager to learn and grow. Reflecting on what every budding designer should know, we realised the list is extensive. In today’s competitive online landscape, it’s crucial to strike the right balance: to stand out without becoming an annoyance that drives people away. It’s a challenging equilibrium, but by mastering a few fundamental principles, your website will be on the path to success in no time!

1) Emphasise Simplicity

When designing a website, particularly on a budget, opting for a simple yet impactful design is often the best approach. Focus on a single key element that you want to highlight, and build the website around it in a way that complements and contrasts effectively. For instance, if you have a red call-to-action on a green and cream background, it will stand out. But if the rest of the site includes four or five different colors, the red may lose its impact and become overshadowed.

2) Embrace Mobile Compatibility

While your website might appear impressive on a desktop, that’s only part of the picture. It’s essential to design your site to be user-friendly on various devices, including phones and tablets. Consider touchscreen-friendly interfaces, content download speed, and other factors that could cause a mobile user to lose interest in your site. Crafting a mobile-responsive design ensures a seamless experience for all visitors.

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3) The Power of 1% Incremental Improvements

Reflecting on a span of several years, you’ll notice defining moments that highlight your achievements and growth. However, the real transformation occurs in the subtle, incremental steps between stages. The concept of ‘marginal gains’ emphasises that enhancing every facet of a project by just 1% can lead to a remarkable cumulative effect. Skeptical? Consider Dave Brailsford’s application of this principle as Performance Director at Team Sky, Great Britain’s professional cycling team, leading them to their first Tour De France victory. The potential for improvement is everywhere, from refining typography and color hues to updating error warnings. Each 1% enhancement contributes to the overall customer experience, so begin examining every detail and make those incremental improvements.

4) Strategise and Execute with Precision

Should your team lack the expertise to create a compelling web presence, proceed with caution. Your website serves as the digital face of your business, requiring both a personal touch and professional execution. If you’re uncertain about your team’s ability to achieve this, it may be wise to consult an expert. From design and development to curating content, managing a powerful online presence involves many intricate details. If this isn’t your forte, consider reaching out to us at Perth Digital Edge.

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