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Are you satisfied with your current website? Need an online marketing strategy? Look no further than PDE, the best digital marketing agency in Perth, Western Australia. Our data-driven digital solutions generate more leads, clients, and revenue for your brand.

Our expert team provides a complete suite of digital advertising services. These include Search Engine Optimisation, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, AdWords, and Web Design. Gain years of experience and dedicated support from our digital marketing consultants.

Create a customised strategy that fits your unique needs. Enhance your online presence to achieve the highest possible ROI, ensuring your success in the digital world.

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As Perth’s leading search engine marketing agency, PDE has a dedicated and passionate team of digital marketing specialists. We create customized strategies to boost your brand awareness, increase website visibility, and generate more leads. Our efforts result in more customers, more sales, and more revenue for your business.

Our data-driven and ROI-focused approach lets us evaluate your needs and create tailored solutions. We monitor and optimise these strategies to ensure your digital growth today, tomorrow, and beyond.

PDE is a Perth marketing agency specialising in digital strategy. We put our reputation into every campaign, so the PDE team is dedicated to working closely with each client. We ensure that we agree on the strategy, plan, and execution, guaranteeing a successful partnership.

So, we start with a plan, then we implement and finally we set it all in motion.

Including SEO Services, Google Ads, PPC advertising, social media advertising, all delivering measurable digital advertising spend return whilst driving real growth online.

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    We’re a results oriented and use a data driven approach, so we understand to your bottom line. We’ve created a unique model that delivers measurable results, tailored to your needs for maximum growth.

  • Experienced Digital Specialists

    As specialists we keep up with the latest industry trends. We are always eager to learn and explore new, innovative solutions for online growth.

  • Dedicated Local Australian Team

    We’re committed to more than just a local account manager. We have an entire local team dedicated to building new leads for you, so you have the best possible support and results.

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Healthy Ads

Founded in 2012, Healthy Ads is a specialised advertising network that focuses on Health, Fitness, Pharmaceutical, and Medical sectors. Created by a passionate health food blogger who wanted to monetise their blog while maintaining control over the quality of advertisers, the company has been a trailblazer in connecting health-conscious consumers with relevant brands.
Healthy Ads Background

Project Concrete

Project Concrete is a leading concreting service provider in Perth, specializing in residential, commercial, and industrial concrete solutions. From driveways and patios to large-scale construction projects, they have built a reputation for delivering high-quality workmanship. However, despite their expertise and a strong portfolio, they faced challenges in maximizing their online visibility.
increase in traffic in the first three months
conversion in the first month of SEO
first page keywords in the first month
Project Conrete Background

Wholistically Healthy

Perth’s Best Food Delivery – How This Healthy Food Delivery Giant Achieved Its #1 Position In The Perth Market With Customised Digital Marketing.
high value keywords
keywords ranking on the front page
top 3 keywords
Wholistically Healthy Background

Westside Auto Wholesale

Westside Auto Wholesale is revolutionizing the way people shop for used cars. With a fixed pricing model, an extensive range of vehicles, and rigorous independent mechanical inspections, they have set a new standard in the used car industry.
return on investment
keywords in the top 3
out of 130 niche specific keywords on the front page
visitors in 2023
120,000+ leads
in 2023
Westside Auto Wholesale Background


Digit are an award-winning team specialising in accounting, bookkeeping, and digital advising, aimed to leverage technology for creating happier businesses. Despite in-depth expertise in cloud-based solutions and financial management, they struggled with optimising their online visibility. To address this, they enlisted the SEO services of Perth Digital Edge.
ranked 2nd
for "bookkeeping services" in Perth

Bears Fencing

Bears Fencing, a South West Western Australia-based company, has been a cornerstone in the fencing and landscaping industry for over 20 years. Serving a diverse clientele that includes residential, commercial, and agricultural sectors, the company has built a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction. However, despite its strong standing, Bears Fencing recognized the need to enhance its online presence through SEO services to reach a broader audience.
Bears Fencing Background

Loan Warehouse

Loan Warehouse, a subsidiary of Westside Auto Wholesale, serves as a trusted solution for personalized loan services. Located in Bentley, Western Australia, the company has been extending its services to Australians across the nation since 2013. With access to a network of over 40 specialized lenders, Loan Warehouse is committed to securing the right loan at the most favorable interest rate for clients, regardless of their location in Australia.
Loan Warehouse Bg

Perth Managed Parking

Perth Managed Parking, a subsidiary of the well-established Perth Security Services, is a leading name in car park management solutions. Leveraging decades of experience in security and facility management, we aim to revolutionize the way parking spaces are managed, making it more efficient, secure, and user-friendly for both property owners and motorists.
Perth Managed Parking Bg

WA Wildlife

WA Wildlife, previously known as Native ARC Incorporated, has been a pivotal force in wildlife conservation and rehabilitation in Western Australia since its inception in 1998. Specialising in state-of-the-art veterinary care for native animals, the organisation is deeply committed to wildlife welfare, education, and habitat preservation.
Wa Wildlife Background

Freedom Furniture

Freedom Furniture has been a household name in Australia since 1981, offering a wide range of stylish and functional furniture pieces. Known for their commitment to quality and durability, they have been the go-to destination for Australians looking to make their homes more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.
Freedom Furniture Bg

Street Side

Founded in 1981 by Rod Hicks, Streetside has been a cornerstone in enhancing community life in Western Australia. With a mission to provide quality, practical, and innovative community furniture, the company has evolved into a second-generation family business. At its core, Streetside aims to be the go-to choice for local governments seeking top-notch public infrastructure.
Streetside Background

Westend Finance

Navigating the labyrinth of loan options can be a daunting task for anyone. Westend Finance, under the expert guidance of founder Ben Rowson, has always been a beacon for those seeking clarity in this complex landscape. With the launch of their redesigned website, they are taking their client-first approach to new heights, making it easier than ever for individuals to make informed financial decisions.

Energetics Institute

Mental health is increasingly recognised as a vital component of overall well-being, Energetics Institute has been a sanctuary for those seeking holistic psychotherapy services. With the recent overhaul of their website, the institute is setting new benchmarks in how psychotherapy and counselling services can be accessed and understood online.
Energeticsinstitute Bg


In a sector where quality and reliability are non-negotiable, 4Healthcare has been a beacon of excellence since its inception in 2012. With the recent upgrade of their website to include an online shopping platform, the company is taking a giant leap in making healthcare products more accessible and efficient for various healthcare sectors across Australia.
4healthcare Bg

Swan Stabilizers

In an industry where precision, safety, and reliability are paramount, Swan Stabilizers International has been a cornerstone since 1998. With the launch of their newly designed website and robust SEO strategy, they are setting new benchmarks for excellence in road, civil, and earthmoving projects across Western Australia.
Swan Stabilizers Bg

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  • Can I manage my own digital marketing campaigns?

    While you can manage your own digital marketing campaigns, working with an experienced team offers many advantages. Digital marketing agencies have expertise in various areas such as SEO, social media management, content creation, and analytics. They can offer valuable insights, save you time and effort, and help you get better results by using their knowledge and resources.

  • How long does it take to see results from digital marketing?

    the timeframe for results in digital marketing depends many factors. Factors like your industry’s competition, the strategies you use, and how well you implement them. It normally takes between three to six months to see improvements in website traffic, rankings, or lead generation. However, long-term success requires ongoing effort and continuous optimisation.

  • How much does digital marketing cost in Perth?

    Measuring the success of your digital marketing involves tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your business growth. KPIs may include website traffic, conversion rates, social media engagement metrics, lead generation numbers, and return on investment (ROI). by monitoring metrics regularly you assess the effectiveness of your strategies and make data-driven decisions.

  • How do I measure the success of my digital marketing efforts?

    Measuring the success of your digital marketing involves tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your business growth. These KPIs may include website traffic, conversion rates, engagement metrics on social media platforms, lead generation numbers, or return on investment (ROI). Regularly monitoring these metrics will help you assess the effectiveness of your strategies and make data-driven decisions to optimise future campaigns.

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